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10056378 Khotan 6.09' x 9.04'

This remarkable rug comes with a fiery color combination to evoke passion wherever you lay it down. The colors of the carpet are red as the dominant tone, olive green, variations of blue, black, and white. The artwork features a large red rhomb which is nesting two more, and all of them are patterned with abstract types of flowers and leaves. From the bottom left corner to the entire perimeter, there are two thin borders holding a thick frame in between. The greenish borders have a ribbon pattern while the black frame has poinsettias, leaves, and abstract figures. The close-up of the carpet renders geometrical central rhombuses with a lot of detail in different colors.

Caravan Rug delivers exquisite styles which are antique, classic, modern, and vintage hand-knotted rugs. Most of our rugs come in standard sizes, wide variety of colors, and we can customize it for you.

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