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The Trendiest Designer Rugs Los Angeles Has to Offer

Welcome to Caravan Rug. Like those merchants long ago, who carried rugs from the Orient along the Silk Road, we’ve traveled the world to bring you the best of the old and the new—gorgeous prizes from faraway places.

Explore our collection of exotic fashions knowing that what you are looking at is the distilled essence of an entire tradition. These are the best rugs Los Angeles has to offer.

Discover Priceless Treasures

When you walk into Caravan Rug, you’re going to discover a paradise of hidden treasures. Most people never give much thought to what a rug can do for a room. Even the word “rug” is humble. We walk on rugs!

But a rug’s power is transformative: With its colors, shape, texture, and patterns, a luxurious rug—properly placed—can guide the eye, set focal points, and magnify the entire personality of a room. It is art.

At Caravan when we speak of fashion we’re not talking about some bauble that sits on a table waiting to go out of style. When you buy one of our rugs you’re investing in a centuries-old heritage of quality craftsmanship, heavenly underfoot and a delight to look at

Our Philosophy

Our showroom is in the glitzy streets of Beverly Hills, where our well-traveled creators contemplate what’s trending around the world and blend these exciting ideas into something extraordinary.

We design heirloom and modern rugs in a variety of styles, always with a mind not to chase what’s already hip, but to drive new trends just as fashions are changing. That’s how we think about our craft. That’s how we stay ahead of the industry. And that’s why we design the rugs Los Angeles loves.

Our Pedigree

We’re a family-owned company with five generations in this business. The family got its start in the Middle East, and traveled much like the rugs themselves, moving the business to Germany before eventually settling here in Beverly Hills.

When you step into our showroom, or browse our online collections, you’ll understand immediately what we mean. It’s rare to find a rug seller in Los Angeles, or anywhere else, who possess our commitment to quality, our intuition in fashions and trends, and who has our deep knowledge of the craft and the industry as a whole. Our connections span the globe and our understanding of the processes of making rugs is reflected in the manufacturing excellence and aesthetic characteristics of every rug we sell.

Elevate Yourself with a Caravan Rug

Whether you’re shopping for a client or for yourself, when you buy a rug from us you can take pride in knowing you’re buying the finest rugs in Los Angeles. So browse our wares and take interior design to new heights with our indulgent vintage and modern rugs. Contact us to learn more or if you have any questions, and treat yourself to a Caravan Rug today.

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