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10054506 Vintage Revival 10'00 x 12'02

This ambitious rug was woven with psychological seriousness and powerful energy. The color palette has burgundy as the dominant tone, blue and beige for the frame and pattern, and some orange accents. From any corner to the entire margin, there are several borders of different thicknesses, a very distinctive quality of the Vintage style. In addition, this rug is covered in a distressed-look finish that makes it very pleasant. The entire rug comes with a symmetrical flower motifs pattern. The close-up of the rug shows a beige ornament filled with blue on a burgundy background.

Caravan Rug delivers exquisite styles which are antique, classic, modern, and vintage hand-knotted rugs. Most of our rugs come in standard sizes, wide variety of colors, and we can customize it for you.

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