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10054341 Vintage Revival 6'08 x 9'07

This interesting rug was woven from the tribal symbols of ancient communities. The vintage color scheme has gray, brown, and blue. From the bottom corner to the entire margin, there are two thin borders that have a thick frame in the middle. Additionally, the borders feature eight-petaled flower heads and stretched hexagons as a pattern, while the frame displays crosses and abstract symbols. After the perimeter, the center presents a 5 x 9 grid with a total of ten different layouts, all spread across the 45 squares. The artwork comes with tribals, arrows, and geometric shapes.

Caravan Rug delivers exquisite styles which are antique, classic, modern, and vintage hand-knotted rugs. Most of our rugs come in standard sizes, wide variety of colors, and we can customize it for you.

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