Vintage Collection: Authentic Oriental Rugs from Asia and the Middle East

Everyone knows what an oriental rug is: heavy, rich, vivid, of the great treasures of ancient civilizations. Today we may take the idea of carpeting for granted, but, once upon a time, a well-made oriental rug was one of the finest luxuries in the world.

In fact, the good ones were so well-made that a few of these vintage rugs still exist today in saleable condition, and at Caravan Rug we curate some of them into our Vintage Collection.

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Treasures from a Bygone Era

The tradition of making these rugs is thousands of years old, and actually still continues today. In fact, for our new rugs, Caravan Rug partners with workshops and factories in the traditional regions of these rugs’ provenance, such as:

  • India
  • Nepal
  • Turkey
  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan
  • China

Meanwhile, the rugs in our Vintage Collection vary in age, and most of our collection features rugs from the 1800s and 1900s. Some of these rugs were alive before the Internet, before the World Wars, before electricity and radio. They are not just gorgeous works of artistic craftsmanship: They are historical relics.

Everything about our vintage oriental rugs is steeped in history. Even the name evokes a bygone era: The word “oriental” literally means “of the east.” Medieval European maps often used to put east (“orient”) at the top instead of north, because that was the direction of Jerusalem, which is how we got the other sense of “orient,” meaning “to get your bearings.”

Caravan’s History

Caravan Rug itself also hails from that part of the world. The company’s founders began in the Middle East, before moving to Germany and eventually settling in Beverly Hills. That’s how we know the industry so well: Our historical context, deep manufacturing knowledge, and industry connections set us apart and enable us to curate excellent vintage rugs for our Vintage Collection while also creating new rugs for other collections with outstanding fidelity to the old aesthetics.


Our Vintage Collection rugs are not only rare. They are absolutely unique. Each one is a testament to the vision of the artisan who created it, and the quality of their craftsmanship. This is authenticity at its height. If you come visit our Beverly Hills showroom, in most cases we can even tell you the specific story of any rug you’re interested in.

How’s that for a conversation piece?

Take Home a Piece of History

When you buy one of these superb works of art, you are transported. Imagine standing in a Middle Eastern bazaar of old, absorbing the thrilling sounds and bustle, the delicious spices and smells, the music and the spectacle. These oriental rugs were alive in those days. Some of them even passed through those bazaars.

At Caravan Rug, we travel the globe to discover and collect these outstanding masterpieces. We’re very proud to sell them to you. Whether shopping for yourself or a client, know that the rug you’re buying is a testament to discerning taste and true luxury. Take home a piece of history today with our Vintage Collection oriental rugs, and add a touch of exotic flair to your home.

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