Rug Alterations: Cutting-Edge Tailoring and Rug Binding Technology for a Stunning Result

You’ve found it! The ideal hip, high-quality rug that would look absolutely gorgeous in the living room. The only problem—it’s slightly too large. Rather than sigh in disappointment, rest assured that at Caravan Rug, we can tailor that prized rug to fit the space and finish it with professional binding to make it look as if it were that way from the very beginning.

A Rug to Fit the Bill

It can be difficult to find the right rug in the first place—one that’s trendy and yet timeless and matches in with the existing home decor. When an area rug is to cover a very specific piece of floor or fit into an unusually-shaped space, this quest becomes even more challenging. Professional rug alterations can turn a coveted piece into the perfect rug with careful resizing and innovative binding techniques to protect its longevity and enhance its style.

A Tailor-Made Solution

When we receive a request for rug alterations at Caravan, we take into consideration the fabrics and design of the treasured piece to come up with the best rug binding solution—selecting from the latest technology, materials, and colors in binding tapes and yarn-wrap serging for a spectacular result that will prevent fraying and give the altered rug a professional finish.

Contact Caravan about Rug Alterations for the Perfect Rug

With five generations in the rug industry, the team at Caravan Rug combines the best of traditional trade secrets with pioneering innovation in rug finishing. You can rest assured that our rug alterations are based on research in the latest techniques around the globe to produce a superb result that is unmatched by our competitors.

Contact us today for a quote for rug binding and alterations to end up with the perfect rug!

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