Rug Restoration: Bring Ancient Treasures Back to Life with Our Innovative Rug Repair Service

A luxury hand-knotted designer rug—once a trophy of indulgent extravagance—can become worn and damaged with heavy use, multiple moves, and exposure to damaging substances. That is not the end of the story, however, as professional rug restoration and rug repair can bring even the most damaged woven carpet back to life and enable it to fly again!

A Makeover for Your Rug

Just as tired and overworked celebrities need the occasional pamper session, makeover, or shopping spree to regain their old glow, luxury hand-woven rugs truly can rediscover their original beauty and power of attraction with skilled rug restoration.

Stains from decades of jubilant get-togethers can be gently and completely removed. Worn piles from years of warming its owners’ toes can be replaced with the ultimate in masterful craftsmanship for an indulgent surface once again. Edges and fringe that have been damaged in the course of the rug’s travels can be removed, replaced, or fixed with expert rug repair for a finish that’s as good as new!

Fall Back in Love with Your Timeless Treasure

A damaged rug is only the beginning of a new story. The experienced rug connoisseurs at Caravan Rug have traveled the world for five generations, gathering trade secrets to offer you the most exquisite results from rug restoration today. Be amazed by our fabulous results and fall back in love with the most antique luxury and exotic rugs!

Discuss Your Rug Restoration Needs with Us Today

At Caravan Rug, we see each rug restoration as an exciting challenge to be met with determination and creativity until we achieve a jaw-dropping result. Call us today for an evaluation and watch those worn-out rugs fly again!

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