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10056379 Khotan 9.04' x 17.00'

This woven carpet has an explicit and fascinating artwork that expresses nature in its threads. The elegant color scheme has black background, burgundy contour as the secondary tone, and many details in blue, green, yellow, pink, and beige. The asymmetrical artwork features hanging flower pots, golden asters flowers, climbing plants with green leaves, butterflies, and birds. From the bottom left corner to the rest of the edges, there is a burgundy thick frame followed by a thin blue border and then a beige one as well. The rug's close-up shows the black background with butterflies, birds and plants distributed chaotically. 

Caravan Rug delivers exquisite styles which are antique, classic, modern, and vintage hand-knotted rugs. Most of our rugs come in standard sizes, wide variety of colors, and we can customize it for you.

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