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10054433 Vintage Revival 5'11 x 8'00

This gorgeous rug was woven down to earth, with serious colors signifying structure, stability, and support. The color palette has a brown background, variations of beige for the pattern, and blue. The entire margin has a thin blue border filled with outlined circles containing a four-leaf clover inside each one. After the border, the artwork shows off six amazing flower pots placed three at the top and three at the bottom. The rug's close-up displays an embellishment fused with two smaller ones at the top and bottom. This ornament is filled with geometric flowers, leaves, and abstract polygons.

Caravan Rug delivers exquisite styles which are antique, classic, modern, and vintage hand-knotted rugs. Most of our rugs come in standard sizes, wide variety of colors, and we can customize it for you.

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