Rug Installation: A Masterful Eye for Rug Placement to Make Your Centerpiece Shine

You can have a totally fab rug in your home and it’s going to look great no matter where it’s placed, but proper rug placement will take your trendy centerpiece to a new level!

The Difference that Transforms a Space

At Caravan Rug, our designers and installers have been traveling the globe for decades to master the craft of rug creation and rug installation. We have seen first hand the difference that proper placement can make—turning an antique or contemporary rug into a spectacular focal point and allowing its unmatched quality to shine brightly.

Unparalleled Results from the Masters of Rug Craftsmanship

In the course of our travels, the Caravan Rug family has become a team of innovators and pioneers in cutting-edge techniques—achieving unparalleled results in rug finishing and rug installation. We love taking on the challenge of fitting a rug to any space, creating a sense that it was always meant to be there. If necessary, we can also alter the size or shape of the rug and rebind the edge for a perfect fit.

Book Your Professional Rug Installation Appointment with Caravan Now

For professional rug placement and installation, don’t settle for less than the best. Contact the global rug connoisseurs at Caravan Rug or visit our Beverly Hills showroom to book a stunning rug installation that will delight and satisfy for years to come.

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