Custom Area Rugs: Trendsetting Custom Rugs Inspired by Your Own Imagination

Do you want a luxurious rug that is totally hip and completely unique? At Caravan Rug, we offer custom area rugs—custom rugs that are tailor-made to our customer’s specifications. No-one in the neighborhood will have anything like it, so the rug is sure to make a statement and get people talking!

Made for You, Made for Your Space

Whether the custom rug is based on an original design, a photo, or an existing rug, custom area rugs give our customers the power to choose the colors and size to suit their own personal tastes, style, and home. Our skilled creators work with you to choose the fabrics and pile to create everything from heavenly soft, warm woollen classic rugs to fashion-forward synthetic silk centerpieces.

Fashion-Forward Rugs with a Personalized Touch

As trendsetters in rug design in Los Angeles and the United States, we are in the best position to advise on designer custom rugs that will be ahead of the trends and quickly become timeless heirlooms due to their unmatched quality and cutting-edge finishing. Our proprietary blend of traditional knotting techniques and pioneering technology enable us to offer stunning custom area rugs that surpass those of our competitors.

Contact the Experts at Caravan to Discuss Custom Area Rugs

If you have an idea for custom area rugs—whether for a client or yourself, get in touch with our team of experienced designers to discuss the options and possibilities available for creating a spectacular dream rug. We will communicate with you throughout the entire process to ensure that the personalized rug exceeds your wildest expectations! We see every design request as a challenge and will persevere until we achieve the perfect result.

To get started, contact us today and set up an appointment with our team. We can’t wait to get started on working with you to create your gorgeous custom designer rug today!

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