Professional Rug Cleaners: Employ our Professional Rug Cleaning Services for a Superb Result Every Time

An indulgent hand-knotted Persian or Oriental rug will maintain its colors and timeless appeal for decades when given the right care. Inevitably, luxury rugs (especially those located in high-traffic areas) will become less glamorous as they fill with dirt and grime, and—shock, horror—may even become stained from a fallen beverage or suffer from the smelly mistakes of a beloved housepet.

There’s no need to despair—these things happen! Fortunately, we offer highly specialized rug cleaning services to remedy even the most challenging of stains.

Return the Sparkle and Shine to Your Rug

The skilled professional rug cleaners at Caravan Rug have the equipment and expertise to bring back the original luster and shine to prized luxury rugs, making their heavenly surfaces as soft and inviting as when they were first purchased. After the dirt and grime are removed, the colors regain their original vividness and appeal, once again transforming the room into a trendy showpiece that gets the neighborhood talking.

The Right Technique for Each Textile

What sets our rug cleaning services apart from the competition is an attention to detail that comes from decades in the industry. Having examined artisan rugs in diverse and faraway places, we’ve developed the techniques and technologies needed to create an individual cleaning prescription for each rug and obtain an unmatched result every time.

Our professional rug cleaners take note of all stains and smells present in the valued centerpiece or area rug to come up with the ideal sequence of treatments. Our innovative cleaning techniques treat the rug gently while returning it in absolutely pristine condition.

Schedule Caravan Rug Cleaning Services for a Stunning Result

Don’t put off rug cleaning any longer. Contact our professional rug cleaners today for an individual assessment and return the color and shine to those luxury rugs now!

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