Rugs woven by American artisans

Rugs woven by American artisans

Rugs for every American home. When we think of carpets, we often see these as ancient heirlooms that are expensive. In addition, we assume that these rugs have a high price due to the load of history that their threads contain. Humans have been weaving rugs for millennia and it has been an old craft practiced by ancient tribes using material; such as goat hair, sheep and camel hair. Plenty of our rugs are imported, however we have many affordable and eye-catching rugs in a modern style. Today, the internet and trends promote the idea of ​​"being your own brand" and feed the authenticity of each individual. So, here are some reasons for you to get your modern rug with the labor day deals. Our affordable modern collections make possible a rug for every home, we have many stylish looking rugs to choose from, and the inventory has a wide variety of colors to match your rug to your personality.

The Art, Cloud and Hess collections are part of our sophisticated repertoire. These rugs were woven keeping in mind the pockets of common people due to the mechanized process of some of them. Furthermore, contemporary rugs are woven from natural and/or synthetic fibers. The advantage of this is that you, as a homeowner, can change your home decor more often and bring a new look and vibe to your surroundings.

Fashion style is constantly updated along with our inventory. We bring in contemporary artists to be part of our team and allow them to sell their artwork through our website. Their work and keeping up with current trends are two characteristics that make us unique in the market. Many of our modern rugs are designed for a minimalist home and are woven with an urban flair.

The modern style comes with a wide variety of colors. Some people feel that a color can represent their personality or they just have a favorite color. Therefore, the collections that belong to the modern style are characterized by the wide variety of designs in multiple shades. Modern rugs are statement pieces for rooms and can reflect your contemporary taste. We assure you that we have the perfect rug for your unique style.

Now you know! Caravan Rug offers you the modern style so you can have as many rugs as you want for your home, our stylish inventory makes us unique, and we have the rug in your favorite color. We are located in the heart of Beverly Hills, please visit our showroom, call us at 310.358.1222 and/or email us at for pricing.

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