Rugs of the month

rugs of the month

Pakistan Monarch: This beautiful rug comes from Pakistan. It’s printed with lovely patterns and inspired by the diversity and distribution of butterflies in Pakistan. Butterflies play a vital role in the ecosystem and their artists know about it. Therefore, this classic rug style contains the positive vibe for your room. Butterflies are known also as flying flowers, showing their beauty. In addition, butterflies are indicators of a healthier ecosystem and such a great job is transferred to this rug for a healthier space. Take a closer look!

Iran Antique Dokrash: This classic rug is handmade from natural ingredients over the course of many months. The art of this rug is from Iran’s roots, its culture and customs of its people. People can appreciate weavers mixing elegant patterns, full of flowers, birds, and beasts. The colors are made from wild flowers with dominant colors in burgundy, navy blue, and accents of ivory.

Zoe Mushroom: This modern rug is great for your sophisticated space. The textured design in duotone playing with grayscale is a visual delight for your and your guests. On top of that, the comfort of this rug is a pleasure for those who are walking over it. 

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