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You might be tired of sleeping in the same bedroom with the boring decorations. Well, what could you do to change this? Get a new rug for your bedroom. Think about this, the floor is the first thing you step on when you get up from your bed. Don’t you think that energy of feeling the high quality hand-knotted rugs from would improve your day? Absolutely, having the right furniture for your home is key for productive people. Therefore, we have four different styles to choose from. We have in stock antique, classic, modern, and vintage rugs. Our rugs’ collection keeps growing as per now we have imported rugs from the Middle East. The remarkable collections are the bamyan, the cloud, the distressed, and from our designer’s corner we have Ryan’s Saghian featured rugs.

The bamyan collection comes in beautiful classic and vintage styles. The bamyan's collection appears with butterflies, flowers, and asymmetric patterns. These rugs are hand-knotted within a beige color palette mostly. They are perfect to promote calmness, and peace for your room. If you feel that something is missing in your home? Ask us for pricing, we have different sizes and colors to match your decoration. The Traditional collection is knotted with dark colors, having as dominant tones brown, red, and orange. These rugs will bring a sense of strength and reliability for your space. Because of the color scheme of this collection, it’s often seen as solid and it’s associated with security, safety, and resilience. These rugs can be placed on the porch, close to the garden, or any open space.

Our cloud collection is unique, colorful, and fun. These rugs come with urban marks patterns and the color scheme is multicolor. In addition, you will be delighted with the wide variety of colors and design from this collection. If you are looking for a rug that is closer to your personality, the cloud collection has the rug for you. They are great for any space and also for custom rugs, remember Caravan Rug cuts your rug according to the room.

The Distressed collection is famous for its washed out design. This collection belongs to the modern style. It is perfect for that room that you want to bring back to life. These types of rugs are very popular because the style is meant for your feet to be clean. The color tone is within white scheme and light tones of the rest of the colors. They are great for your restroom, your pool and your bedroom. Also, we have our designer’s corner which is a designated space for independent designers to promote their work. Right now, we have Ryan Saghian and his amazing rugs in stock, check his collection out.

Finally, Caravan Rug has four styles such as, Antique, Classic, Modern, and Vintage. Within these styles you will find our collections. Browse our rugs and find the rug for your room. You can email us for pricing or give us a call to inquire about any rug in stock. Caravan rug has shown loyalty towards its customers through all these years. With almost 50 years in the market, Caravan Rug has a prestige and presence in California right in the heart of Los Angeles.

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