3 reasons to order a custom rug

custom rug

Caravan Rug offers quality and satisfaction through its rugs. With more than 40 years in the market, it has built prestige and social recognition. Thanks to its commitment, Caravan Rug also offers customized rugs that can fit into your space with specific dimensions, we have a wide variety of designs that can match your style, and we can cut your rug into your desired shape.

You probably find yourself looking at that part room that needs improvement. Well, we are your solution. You just have to choose the design, tell us the dimensions, and we cut them for you. Call one of our representatives or email us at info@caravanrug.com for more details about the rug of your dreams.

Check out the website www.caravanrug.com we have plenty of items in stock ready to be shipped. Our three styles Classic, Modern, and Vintage contain many collections. You can also see that we have many colors and sizes to choose from. 

Rugs converted into squares, rectangles, circles, ovals or a combination of them. Imagine that comfy space with such a high quality rug under your feet. Yeah! You can finally enjoy the taste of resting your feet by stepping on your new rug. Rugs can bring a lot to your home, from style and design to calmness and comfort. We have your rug and we are ready to give it to you.

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