Rug Appraisal: How Much Is My Rug Worth? Find Out from the Worldwide Rug Experts

When you’re looking to purchase, sell, clean, or restore an antique rug, it can be helpful to go for a professional rug appraisal and find out “How much is my rug worth?”

An appraisal can help you to determine if a rug really is handmade, whether a rug purchase or sale price is a good deal, or to decide if the rug is worth the cost of restoration and cleaning.

Timeless Treasure or Mass-Produced Imitation?

Unless you handle a variety of handmade and machine-made rugs frequently, it can be difficult to tell the difference between an item of quality and a cheap synthetic product. As part of a rug appraisal at Caravan Rug, we draw on over a century of experience in the rug trade—spanning several continents—to assess the true quality of area rugs.

There’s More to A Rug Than Meets the Eye

When you ask us “How much is my rug worth?”, we begin by determining whether a rug was made by hand or machine, and from which material (real vs. synthetic silk, hand-spun wool vs. polyester, and so on). Then, if the rug was made by hand, we will be able to tell you the knotting and weaving technique used, and even pinpoint the region or culture where the rug was made by examining the design, motifs, and colors.

Get an Accurate Rug Appraisal from the Global Rug Connoisseurs at Caravan Rug

For a precise and reliable rug appraisal, trust the experts at Caravan Rug. We have spent five generations and traveled the globe to become the premier rug connoisseurs in Los Angeles and the United States.

Contact us to schedule a professional rug appraisal and find out its true value today.

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